The Maxims have been serving together since 1998.

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I have known and worked with Jon Maxim for over a decade. He is a man of keen wit, a creative streak that runs to his core, and a heart to serve and regard others above himself. I still remember our first conversation where it ended something like, “Brother, if there is any way I can serve you and your family, please let me know.” This blew me away, and I came to see that these words were a reality that he lived, every day. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with him on a variety of projects for several organizations including my own. His care for me, my family, my company, his grasp of technical details, creative nuances, accounting, product development, social media, marketing communication, and user interface, proved vital to the astounding success of our Kickstarter campaigns… I don’t know who you are, I don’t know why you are reading this, but I can attest to Jon’s character, diverse skill set, ability to communicate truth, be authentic, and serve YOUR best interests—selflessly. For these reasons and many others, I give to you my highest personal recommendation. You needed Jon before you went looking, and now that you found him, I recommend that you do not hesitate to take the next step.

David Robert*
Founder | Ultimate Survival Tips
Designer | MSK-1 Multi-Scenario Knife
Podcaster | The Survival Show Podcast